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The Board of Education is considering the growing needs of our school facility.  We have completed a few critical projects during the past five years using our annual capital outlay budget but much of what remains will need a community-passed bond issue.

We have begun building a list of facility needs to include district-wide improvements of the heating and cooling system, electrical system, flooring and furniture, parking lots and sidewalks, as well as the needed replacement of the gold fascia surrounding the middle and high school buildings.  Other potential projects would improve security and student safety by updating doors and windows, the camera system, and adding tornado shelters. 

An additional project would move all the elementary school to the same campus as middle and high schools which could result in long-term savings in a variety of ways.  This project would require the sale of the current elementary school building; a possibility resulting in something positive for our community. 

Finally, the long-discussed vision of renovating the Greer facility and creating a community center could be a part of this comprehensive project.

There are numerous hurdles to address in this process and many more conversations yet to come.  Now that a tentative vision of future facility needs has been put together, the Board of Education is preparing to take the next important step in further developing this vision.  In September, a Board committee will recommend an architectural firm for this project.  The architect will be able to estimate project costs and work with the BOE to develop an overall plan.  Steps over the next year or more include recruiting a project committee, the development of a priority list, and the decision on how to fund each of these projects.

During the school year this facility project will begin to take shape as possibilities become realities or impossibilities.  Big decisions about property use, construction and demolition, and revenue sources will be made in the process of developing a long-term vision for our schools and community.  In a few months, a special page on our district website will be used to provide patrons and staff with project updates, surveys, and options. 

Even though this project is still in its infancy, questions and suggestions are welcome and can be directed to myself at 345-5500 or

- Coach Kelsi Chisholm


The Moundridge HS Volleyball has earned the Kansas Volleyball Association Academic Award for 2013-2014.  The MHS Varsity volleyball team had a cumulative GPA of 3.84 during the last school year.  Listed below are the players who were considered in order to earn this recognition.  Out of the 13 players, 8 had a perfect 4.0 GPA.  The Kansas Volleyball Association gives out this award every year and any team who has outstanding academic success is recognized.  I am very proud of our team for putting as much effort in the classroom as they do on the volleyball court. 

Mackenzie Suderman; Brooke Holloway; Hope Wedel; Michelle Schrag; Elizabeth Ratzlaff; Anna Stucky; Rylie Dyck; Chelsey Knight; Peri Lange; Emily Knight; Erin Miller; Faith Barton; Brynne Wedel


Kansas Wesleyan University came and did and volleyball camp for the Moundridge Volleyball team this summer.  One aspect of the camp was a focus on core values every day.  At the end of the camp, staff members chose one player that stood out as a Champion of Character and our recipient was Bethany Stucky, a freshmen volleyball player.  Bethany demonstrated effort, a willingness to learn and encouraged other teammates. This was a really neat award for Bethany especially since she is a freshmen it shows it doesn't matter your age you can impact your team positively. 

This is something that I have tweaked a bit to fit our program but we too have adopted core values for our team and have emphasized those during the first few weeks of practice. Seniors have nominated players to be recognized and so far it seems to going really well in preparing us to become better players and teammates.  If you have any further questions let me know.

Throughout this spring semester our staff and Board of Education have been evaluating potential budget cuts and changes in order to address a number of expenses which have quickly surpassed revenue over the past few years.  While our local property valuation and student enrollment provide some potential for increased funding down the road, unexpected increases in special education costs, employee costs, and utility costs have grown at a rate greater than can be absorbed with current funding levels.  Through attrition, one position for next year has been eliminated and one or more will likely be cut in the following year.  The Board is also evaluating potential changes to employee benefits in order to stabilize long-term costs.   

Unfortunately, decisions at the legislative level have placed our state on a path towards major financial and economic problems.  State revenue, due to income tax policy implemented a year ago, has decreased significantly and the promise of job growth has yet to be realized.  This combination of problems has forced our school and others to start making plans for a significant decrease in funding in the next few years.  One of those solutions, provided by legislators during this session, is to provide school districts greater authority to use the Local Option Budget (LOB) to generate revenue.

In early April the Moundridge High Horticulture Class entered three teams in the Willie and the Beanstalk contest held at Manhattan on the Campus of Kansas State University.

Results: Moundridge #2- Tied for first Place overall
             Moundridge # 3- placed 3rd overall
Members of the teams included:
Dale Hall, Taylor Richert, Maria Peterson, Erin Miller, Brooke Franz, Sam Blaylock, Whitney Fiedler and Wyatt Fiedler
The Middle School Ag Discovery team also entered the Willie and the Beanstalk competition and teams placed 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th out of 34 teams.

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