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Wildcat News

MHS instrumental and vocal results from the regional competion:


HOA League Contest Results:

Kaylie Penner:  Student Choice Award-Colored Pencil, 2nd-Pen and Marker
Erin Miller:  1st-print, 2nd-wheel pot, 2nd-assemblage, 3rd-enamel jewelry
Rebecca Ullom-Minnich:  1st-ceramic sculpture, 3rd-print, 3rd-colored pencil
Matt Baldwin:  2nd-Charcoal
Taylor Richert:  2nd-Enamel
Corey Bieri:  1st-Teapot
Michelle Morrison:  Honorable Mention-Acrylic Painting
Courtney Huff:  3rd pencil, 3rd pen, Honorable Mention Non-Functional Clay
Ashley Holler:  1st-print transfer, Honorable Mention-Pen
Kayla Frazer:  3rd-wire
Jacey Spore:  2nd-batik
Abby Harders:  1st-batik

Spring 2015 School Board Candidate Information
 - There are two ways to file as a candidate for election.  
        1. File a declaration of intention to become a candidate with the McPherson County election office and pay a $5 filing fee.
        2. File a petition with the county election officer.  Petition must contain signatures of 50 registered voters within the member district.
 - January 27, 2015 by noon is the filing deadline.
 - April 7, 2015 is the General Election
 - All School Board members must be registered voters in the district and cannot be an employee of the board on which they are a member.
 - School Board members serve four-year terms.
 - No candidate may withdraw their candidacy after the filing deadline.
 - For more information on becoming a Board member, one may contact the Kansas Association of School Boards (800-432-2471,, or stop by the Moundridge District Office and pick up a “Spring 2015 School Board Candidate Guide”.

LOB Mail-Ballot Election

Moundridge residents have received a ballot with a single, school-related item on it.  Below is some simple information about this required mail-ballot election and more information will be in the mail later this week.

  • - The LOB election in June 2014 allowed the BOE to increase the budget authority to 33% with NO TAX INCREASE.
  • - The current LOB mail-ballot election will allow the BOE to maintain the 33% budget authority with NO TAX INCREASE.
  • - Failure to pass this election will reduce the budget authority by 2% and create a loss of state aid and approximately $60,000 from the budget.
  • - A YES VOTE minimizes budget cuts that affect the quality of education at USD 423.
  • - A YES vote will be voting to maintain the current level of funding for USD 423 students with NO TAX INCREASE

Please contact Superintendent Chad Higgins for more information.   Phone: 345-5500     Email:

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