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Middle School Latest


(Pictures coming soon)


Middle Schoolers Discovers, It's Not Easy Being Green; Gold; Blue or Orange

PRIDE Advisor Vania Winsor, talks to middle school students Thursday, Sept. 4 during seminar.  Students took part in the True Colors Personality Inventory activity.  The activity is designed to identify unique personality characteristics, commonalities between one another, and help people understand others despite their differences.  Each characteristic is labeled as either a "Green," "Gold," "Blue," or "Orange" based on a test that each student is asked to take.


As a part of their back-to-school week, the entire MMS student body participated in the True Colors personality quiz during seminar time. On Wednesday, the students took their quizzes to identify their dominant colors; Thursday, the entire school gathered in the library to find out what the colors mean; and on Friday the students discussed their colors in small groups with their seminar teachers.

True Colors helps people get to know themselves by scoring them in each of four colors. People who are dominantly Gold most strongly value tradition, honor, and rules; they are generally very organized and like to plan. Blues value friendship and emotional harmony above everything; they worry about making sure everyone gets along and helping those around them feel special and accepted. Greens value intellectual competence; they like to ask why and figure out how things work. Logical analysis and reason are the strengths of a Green. And Oranges are the freedom seekers and risk takers. They are impulsive, spontaneous, and very playful.

The take-away from this activity for students and teachers alike is that we all think differently, and we will all work with people who may not think like us.  Understanding that, and understanding how others think, will help us work together and truly be the family that MMS strives to be.