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Parents & Guardians, please login to your PowerSchool account via web browser and complete Step 1 of the 2020-21 Enrollment Process.  Click HERE to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
If your student still owes dues for previous school years, please take care of those payments as soon as possible.  Contact grabers@usd423.org with any enrollment or fees questions.

Video Explanation of Moundridge Continuous Learning Plan

Parents, Guardians, Students and Community,
As promised, here is a link to a video that Mrs. Khosravipour and Mrs. Hecox recorded today to begin to provide information and guidance for our families in regard to USD 423's Continuous Learning Plan.  Although this may not answer every question you have,  we are hopeful it will address many.   https://drive.google.com/file/d/13A7X3wr6nBrYhYpMdqUBnRlEcodaou0_/view?usp=sharing  It is about 38 minutes long, so please watch when you can take a few minutes to do so.
In terms of technology,  we will utilize the Zoom app for face to face interaction during teacher office hours, parent meetings, IEP meetings and for student class meetings.  This SaturdayMarch 28th, Mrs. Khosravipour and I are hosting a "Practice Zoom meeting" to allow all families to test out their devices and make sure they can connect.   You can also ask any remaining questions not answered in the video. 
Schedule for practice Zoom meetings: 
  • 10:00-10:20 - Parents/Guardians of High School Students
  • 10:30-10:50 - Parents/Guardians of Middle School Students
  • 11:00-11:20 - Parent/Guardians of Elementary School Students
To join the Zoom meeting on Saturday, just click on the link below.  If this is your first time on Zoom, you will be guided to download the app before connecting.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 815 591 226
Password: 028027  
Remember we have created a "Continuous Learning Plan" Website that parents and students can use to have one place to go to look for resources, expectations, and links for communication.  The website will go live at 4:00 on Friday.   We will email a link to you for that website.  Please also expect specific information and guidance from your child's classroom teacher regarding plans for next week. I know emails right now are overwhelming!!! I am so sorry for that, but that will calm down as we get started!
We are very thankful for the guidance provided from the State of Kansas Continuous Learning Plan Task Force as well as our CLP Leadership Team that was created last week to help inform and guide our efforts. In addition, the information and feedback from parent and staff surveys has been very helpful in guiding our work this week, too. Thank you for your patience, we are looking forward to making this journey with you. You are not alone! 
We have a strong community that is all rallying together to make this happen! Our theme as a district, as a school, and with every teacher is to embrace this challenge as an opportunity to focus on continued learning and progress. You will hear how all schools are approaching this challenge in different ways, but Moundridge is approaching this as a collaborative effort between school, students and parents to promote engagement and communication! We are one Wildcat Family!
Moundridge staff will parade through town beginning at 5:30 tomorrow evening (Friday).  We hope to see you and your family waving from you porch, windows, or front yards as we pass by.  Please stay away from the road though.  We want to keep everyone safe!

To show our wildcat pride...we're driving by to say hi!.jpg

3 for Updates March 20, 2020

USD 423 Parents and Guardians,


Thank you for your prompt responses on our Google Forms. If you haven't filled them out, please still do so. There have been two for the parents in previous emails from Hilarie Hecox, hecoxh@usd423.org. We appreciate your willingness to communicate! If you hear from anyone who doesn't feel like they have heard from anyone, please direct them to our website, social media, or their email. There are three things that I want to update you on tonight.


1. Reminder...today was the end of Spring Break, but kids will still have off next week. Teachers are gathering to make plans this next week. Please be expecting communication to the email or phone number that you gave us as a contact. Please do not feel like you need to rush out and get homeschooling supplies, resources, or technology. We will be providing you with a plan that will start March 30th. Most likely it will be a spectrum of learning from necessities to enrichment. The best thing you can do for your student is being a positive role model of how to handle adversity with a good amount of grit and resilience!


2. Starting Monday, March 23rd we start our food program for breakfast and lunches:

The State of Kansas has provided a waiver to schools to provide FREE breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday to ANY child 1-18 years (no matter what the family financial need). The child does not have to attend Moundridge Schools to participate. We anticipate feeding approximately 140 students in our community starting Monday based on the feedback from the survey. If you need/want to add your name to the list or more children, please reply to this email or tell the food service helpers Monday in line, to help with planning.


Staff will be handing out food at Moundridge Elementary in a drive-by fashion from 11am-12pm, Monday-Friday.

If you drive - please stay in your car and form a line in either the back driveway or the front driveway. 

If you walk - please stay at least 6 feet away from any other person in line and follow the directions of the helpers outside. 

*No one but authorized workers will be allowed in the school building for any reason.


3. Communication is key...if you do not know our information here it is again. Please click here


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We are here for you with this transition, you are not going to be alone! As always, proud to be a WILDCAT and part of this awesome Moundridge Community! 


Student Educational Information for USD 423 CLP

PreK-12 Parents and Guardians, 
Thank you for your grace and quick cooperation to provide information that USD423 is requesting! If nothing else we will be an even tighter-knit family and community after we have undergone this challenge together! We truly appreciate all of your willingness to communicate and make this process as seamless as possible!
So today, March 19th, we have another survey for you that we would like completed by Sunday, March 22nd for our CLP Leadership Team to go through. This time you have to complete 1 survey per student in our district. The questions could be answered differently based on the students age and comfort level with content.
Many of you might have been on Facebook today and saw the guidance from the State being shared to all of your teacher friends! To remain transparent and hopefully ease some concerns, feel free to look at it, but know that your teachers will be diving into that guidance next week to create a plan for each of your students. Here is probably the biggest take away for parents...(however we plan to partner with all of our families to help each of you utilize your time with your students and their newfound sense of downtime.)
Reminder, your students will be off all next week, but correspondence may have started from their teachers. Most likely many will reach out next week just to check in. They will either call or email. We will be planning all next week to create learning experiences for our students. Your leaders of the district believe USD 423 will be a role model, using this challenge as an opportunity - building and strengthening relationships with our students, families, and community members as we collaboratively support the learning and growth of our students. 
Student Educational Information Form-


Parent Form and Daily Food Pick-up Information

Moundridge Parents and Guardians,

As we prepare to meet the learning and nutritional needs of our #423 students in partnership with you, the families, we need details to help us create our Continuous Learning Plan. Please do not presume that any of these questions imply decisions about how we will provide educational opportunities to our students. These details will help us make a plan next week with our teachers. Please, please, please know that we will do our best to create meaningful educational experiences, but know that we will need you! Our cooperation and collaboration will be important. We look forward to working with you as we take this on!

We do know that we will provide free meal pick up for any of our students starting on Monday March 23rd at Moundridge Elementary School, 207 S. Drucilla. Lunch and the following day breakfast will be handed out daily from 11am-12pm. Safety and health precautions will be in effect as "pick up" occurs.

Please have this form filled out by Friday, March 20th (so we can start meals on Monday, March 23rd). Please check your email daily for potential updates or more requests for information. Thank you in advance! #building423resilience




Information regarding Kansas School Closures

How does this relate to Moundridge USD 423?


Hello parents and families of USD 423 students, 
Tonight Governor Kelly announced that all Kansas Schools will be transitioning to "Continuous Learning" outside the school buildings of more than 10 persons at a time after buildings have been disinfected. This will look different for every district, but here at Moundridge we will give every effort to continue excellent education for your student. We do not have all the answers, but we will be working through the remainder of this week and next week to find them. 
Please see the attached letter from Superintendent George Leary regarding the timeline of implementation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience! This is uncharted territory. Also, no matter what your feelings are on the matter, please know that your students are our utmost priority and we appreciate all positive thoughts and efforts toward this cause. Thank you! 

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Will your child be 3 or 4 years old by August 31, 2020? AND
Are you interested in enrolling your child in the USD 423 Preschool next fall?

If so, please complete this form and let us know!

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