2016 HOA Art Contest Results

On Wednesday, April 6, 19 Moundridge High School students traveled to Bennington to compete in the annual League Art Contest.  Eight other schools participated with nearly 150 students in attendance. Each school is limited to bringing 20 kids and 50 artworks. Moundridge took 46 projects and earned 21 awards!!!  Out of those 21 ribbons:  7 were first place, 10 were second place and 4 were third place. The next event for Art Students will be attending the McPherson County art contest.  

First Place Finishers:
Courtney Huff-Colored pencil
Jacey Spore-Cut paper
Mason Dyck-Batik
Bethany Stucky-Black and White Print
Jessica Ullom-Minnch-Jewelry and Ceramic Sculpture
Paige Finley-Colored Print
Second Place Finishers:
Jacey Spore-White Charcoal Drawing and Metal Sculpture
Olivia Green-Colored Pencil
Kayla Frazer-Cut Paper
Lexi Lorimor-Black and White Print
Zaelynn Foth-Batik and Ceramic Bowl
Mason Dyck-Jewelry
Bethany Stucky-Ceramic Sculpture
Macy Craig-Pastel
Third Place Finishers:
Brandon Porter-Cut Paper
Kayla Frazer-Ceramic Sculpture
Mason Dyck-Watercolor
Jessica Ullom-Minnich-Batik