ES Parents And Teachers Together (P.A.T.T.) & Building Site Council




P.A.T.T. is an acronym for Parents And Teachers Together.  The purpose of the PATTorganization is to promote a partnership between students, teachers, parents, and community.  The PATT organization strives to create effective communication, thereby enhancing education for children.  PATT is a valuable link because it provides another avenue for active participation.  Although fundraising is not PATT's primary goal, it allows the organization to make contributions impacting students at MES.  Membership in PATT automatically includes all parents/guardians who have children enrolled at MES.


P.A.T.T Leaders:  Jessica Schmidt and Jamie Kaminkow    and

ALL parents are members of the MES P.A.T.T and we encourage you to come to the meetings and help out whenever the committee needs help.  






Since 1992, Kansas statute has required every school seeking accreditation have a building site council (BSC). KESA regulations will require the participation of the building site council in the district's accreditation process.

MES Site Council and MMS Site Council meet as one group.  Members of the school year 2017-2018 are:

Brittany Stos, Erica Schrag, Kodi Casey, Jamie Kaminkow, Jessica Schmidt, Kristen Koller, Faith Ward, Krystal Moddelmog, Michelle Adolf, Misti Unruh, Rachel Moses, and JoAnn Browne.