Power Reading

Power Reading/Tier 2


 What is


   Power Reading is a way of thinking about instruction that emphasizes ongoing data collection and immediate intervention for students who need it.   

The 3-Tier Reading Model consists of three tiers or levels of reading instruction. Movement through the tiers is a dynamic process, with students entering and exiting as needed. 

 Tier I is comprised of three elements:

1.  Our core reading program, Scotts Foresman Reading Street, is grounded in scientifically based reading research.

2.  We will do benchmark testing (AimsWeb) of all kindergarten through fourth grade students to determine instructional needs at least three times per year (fall, winter, and spring).  Progress monitoring weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly will ensure that we are targeting individual needs of each student.

3.  We will have ongoing professional development to provide teachers with the necessary tools to ensure every student receives quality reading instruction.

Tier II: Supplemental Instruction

Tier II is designed to meet the individual needs of students by providing them with additional small-group reading instruction daily.  During Power Reading time your child will move to a smaller group of students who have similar needs. A certified teacher will create specific guided reading lessons to meet their needs. 

Tier III: Instruction for Intensive Intervention

 A small percentage of students require more support in acquiring vital reading skills than Tier II instruction can provide.  For these students, Tier III provides instruction that is more explicit, more intensive, and specifically designed to  meet their individual needs.