Adam Robb

Math and Science Teacher, HS Scholars' Bowl Coach

I graduated from Newton High School in 2001, and from Bethel College with a degree in Chemistry and minor in Physics in 2005. I picked up my education certification at the same time. In 2011, I graduated from Baker University with a Masters of Arts in Education degree.

My current course load includes Algebra II, Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics. In my tenure at Moundridge, I have coached Girls Basketball, and am currently coaching High School Scholars' Bowl and Middle School Boys Basketball. In my free time (whatever that means as a teacher!), I really enjoy fishing, playing disc golf, gardening, and spending time with my wife, Jill, who is one of the First Grade teachers at the elementary school in Moundridge. We live in (and are restoring) an old school house in rural Moundridge.

Here is the link to my website, which includes information on the classes I teach, as well as resources for these classes:

Please feel free to contact me at school using 620-345-5500, ext. 227.